If you can’t appreciate your work anymore, love your craft at least.


While always expecting to love your work is idealistic, loving your craft is a different story.

You may not love every task you’re assigned or even every project you’re put on, but being passionate about a larger picture of your professional life and future is important. This means not focusing so much on the money that you could get out of it, but on how your work’s helping you polish your craft and build your career in a sustainable way.

Craft has various meanings and explanations.

If your craft is your passion then you should be enjoying every moment of creating it. Don’t stress over the details or worry about what the next step might be. Enjoy creating the thing you love to create whether that’s writing, painting, creating music or dancing.

I consider writing as my craft, I believe that lots of writers are “crafting.” We’re getting money by creating articles, copy, web content, and whatever else pays the bills.

At some point, there are instances that will make you lose your motivation to love and enjoy what you are doing when everything is not going your way.

A lot of people lose passion for their work and it’s critical to have passion for what you do. If you don’t love your work, it’s going to make it that much more difficult to pour your heart into your job.

How would you know if you are losing your passion to continue what you are doing?

  1. You are not feeling enough challenge, or you’re stuck handling day-to-day tasks that don’t interest you.
  2. You always feel stress.
  3. If you feel demoralized. If you aren’t bringing in money or accomplishing your goals, it can make you feel disconnected from what you are doing.
  4. You are consuming a lot of time which leave you with time for nothing else and throw off your work-life balance.
  5. Sometimes, you just can’t identify the exact reason, but you know in your heart your passion is gone.


  • Focus on the bigger picture (your career) and utilize your time effectively (by working on your craft) you may find a far more effective mantra for a flourishing and more significantly happy, work life. You may not always love what you do, but you will be planning a route in the right direction.
  • If you really truly still love your work, the first step is to eradicate your  expectations. With all those expectations and pressures, what we once loved turns into a torture we’d rather escape from.
  • Accept that not everything you create is going to be perfect. Work hard but don’t stress over out to the point where you never put your work out in the world for fear of it not being perfect.
  • The fastest way to kill your passion is by comparing yourself to the accomplishments of others. That is not healthy. Focus on your art, your craft, and your vision.

These are some of the things and advises that came from the people I look up to which help me stay in love with what I am doing no matter how hard it is. I hope it helps you too.


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  1. This was helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. zoeyweaver says:

    I love your blog! Great post!

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    1. Neldy Co says:

      Thank you so much:)


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